AvaSure, a provider of acute virtual care and remote safety monitoring solutions, announced the launch of its Virtual Nursing application and Care Model.

The solution comes against a backdrop of rising labour costs and an acute shortage of nursing staff in hospitals and health systems.

To address the challenges, six hospitals have already adopted AvaSure’s TeleNurse solution. Models implemented by the hospitals include Expert Oversight TeleNurse and Clinical Resource TeleNurse.  

The solution enables health systems to reduce labour costs while freeing up bedside nurses to provide enhanced hands-on patient care, the press statement said.

The new model consists of virtual telehealth technology and a team of nurses who support the adoption of clinical technology.

The virtual team provides support to the bedside team, offloading documentation burdens, providing a second set of eyes on complex patients and closing the growing experience/complexity gap in nursing.

AvaSure CEO Adam McMullin said: “We have implemented our pioneering TeleSitter® solution in a thousand hospitals to establish virtual care.

“Many of these hospitals are now turning to us to partner on a virtual nursing programme in order to reap further clinical, operational and financial benefits from the AvaSure virtual care platform”.

The company, which pioneered a virtual sitting programme with its TeleSitter Solution, has now expanded its offerings to include a more comprehensive nurse-elevated care model, the statement added.