Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the US has opened its Heart and Mind Wellbeing Center that provides mental health care and psychological support for congenital heart disease (CHD)-affected families.

The Heart and Mind Wellbeing Center has been established to provide psychological counselling and mental health treatment to these families.

It provides treatments focused on enhancing physical as well as mental health and assists people with CHD in overcoming obstacles, regaining hope and resilience, and improving their overall well-being.

The congenital heart care centre has psychologists, social workers, and child life specialists.

All ages are cared for, including newborns, kids, teenagers, adults born with heart disease, expectant parents who get a prenatal cardiac diagnosis, and their family members.

Cincinnati Children’s Heart and Mind Wellbeing Center director and psychologist Nadine Kasparian said: “Congenital heart disease can profoundly affect families emotionally. Our goal is to support  patients and families through diagnosis, treatment and transitions, so they feel informed, empowered and supported at every stage.

“There is a deep understanding of the mental health burden associated with CHD and appreciation for the need for a dedicated response.

“When cardiac and mental health care go hand-in-hand, we normalise emotional responses to health challenges and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.”

The Heart and Mind Wellbeing Center is working with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Fetal Heart Program to do ground-breaking research into parent mental health.

More than 30 studies are being conducted and supported by the centre. All these work with patients and their families as partners.