The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT Southwestern), and Children’s Health have hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to commence the construction of a new psychiatric hospital in Dallas, US.

The Texas Behavioral Health Center at UT Southwestern will come up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

This project is part of the comprehensive plan for the state to increase inpatient psychiatric beds.

In July last year, the HHSC and UT southwestern announced plans to build the hospital

Both organisations are collaborating in designing and building the facility by merging their capabilities as well as the community stakeholders.

To carry out the construction works and designing of the hospital, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature granted funds worth $282.5m.

Apart from this, Children’s Health has awarded funds worth $200m to back the development of a paediatric wing.

This wing will aid paediatricians at UT Southwestern to treat children and adolescent patients. 

This facility could provide the potential for developing new behavioural healthcare models, offer training for a holistic behavioural healthcare workforce and progress research to develop effective treatment and prevention.

The hospital is expected to have 296 beds, of which 200 are reserved for adult patients while up to 96 are intended for paediatric patients.

Works at this mental health system in Dallas are anticipated to finish by 2025.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Executive Commissioner Cecile Erwin Young said: “Texas is making an unprecedented investment in helping people with serious mental illness. 

“Throughout the state we are expanding, renovating and rebuilding our state psychiatric hospital system from the ground up. 

“When complete, this much-needed hospital will offer hope, healing and recovery for the most vulnerable Texans living in the surrounding Metroplex.”