Almost all the Covid-19 (coronavirus) deaths in England and Wales are occurring in hospitals, new figures have revealed.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has confirmed that 501 Britishers have died in hospitals while 23 others died in hospices, care homes and elsewhere. A total of 15 Britons died in their own homes.

The ONS figures also suggest the actual death count is 8% higher as the Department of Health only records deaths in hospitals.

These figures might seem low when compared with the current UK death toll of 5,373 as most of the deaths from coronavirus occurred over the last 10 days as the virus spread across the country.

The ONS has added that this is only preliminary analysis, and the figures are just on England and Wales with one week of data.

The latest figures, taking account of the date of death, also reveal that 1,649 people had died in UK hospitals by 27 March, almost 78% higher than originally reported.

The health department has indicated that that its figures are up to date. It stated on its website, “The amount of time between occurrence of death and reporting in these figures may vary slightly and in some cases could be a few days, so figures at 5pm may not include all deaths for that day.”

The ONS has published additional figures revealing that of the 647 deaths involving Covid-19 patients registered in England and Wales up to 27 March, 233 (or 36%) were people aged 85 and over, while 215 (33%) were people aged 75-84.