EIR Healthcare, a  company that specialises in modular technology, has entered into a strategic partnership with Crestron, a technology solutions provider, to integrate Amazon Alexa into smart hospital rooms to boost patient experience and outcomes.

Alexa will be integrated into prefabricated, modularly built smart hospital room.

Delivered 90% complete, MedModular rooms are wired with smart technology, for easy integration into hospital infrastructure.

EIR Healthcare founder & CEO Grant Geiger said: “Our engineering team has been working around the clock to find new ways to integrate cutting-edge innovations into the build of our hospital rooms.

“Amazon Alexa was a natural fit as a leader in the voice assistant space, helping to create an even more elevated experience for patients and healthcare professionals that will ever touch a MedModular room.”

With this integration, EIR Healthcare has created a closed loop control system.

This system integrates the technology of Alexa as part of the core Internet of Things (IoT) build-out of the MedModular rooms.

All of these commands are based off controls that exist in the room.

To enable professionals and patients adapt to the process, several commands for the same action have been included. This allows commands to seem more natural, as opposed to following a particular script.

Among the commands include “Alexa, turn on the room,” “Alexa, turn on the bathroom,” “Alexa, turn the room lights on,” “Alexa, sky light on,” “Alexa, exam mode off,” “Alexa, private window,” and “Alexa, turn reading mode on.”

The integrations are being deployed and distributed by Crestron.

Crestron national design manager Nathan Dietrich said: “Partnering with EIR Healthcare has been a natural fit as our dedication to propelling healthcare and its delivery into the future is deeply align.

“With our long-standing expertise in the industry, we’ve been delighted to find a way to integrate the Amazon voice assistant technology into the core build of a hospital room, as we believe this is where the future of hospitals should be headed.”