Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is all set to upgrade Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General hospitals for improving specialist care and planned cancer care.

The Trust will upgrade the two facilities with an investment of $137m (£100m) and facilitate additional 3,000 operations a year at the two facilities.

Construction works at the site have already been initiated and slated for completion by 2023.

The works have been funded through a combination of central government, NHS England and local NHS trust money.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust chief executive Deborah Lee said: “At the heart of our ambition is to establish ground-breaking specialist services across both our hospitals.

“At Cheltenham there will be a greater focus on planned care modelled on the outstanding service already provided by our cancer services and in particular The Oncology Department.

“At Gloucester we will establish specialist services with a greater focus on urgent and emergency care.”

The investment will see the creation of new operating theatres, new purpose-built day surgery unit, and an overhaul of the radiology department and installation of new CT scanners, MRI scanner at Cheltenham General Hospital.

Upgrades at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital include extension and re-design of the emergency department and acute medicine initial assessment area.

Additionally, a 24-bed ward will be created by converting the gallery wing.

To reduce the paperwork, digital upgrades are also planned at the two health care facilities.

The Trust will also upgrade the heating system, as well as install solar panels on roofs, and new battery storage system.