US-based insulin management software company Glytec has announced a partnership with Roche Diagnostics USA for inpatient blood sugar management at the hospital bedside.

The partnership will bring together Roche’s know-how in medical devices and IT solutions and Glytec’s insulin dosing decision support software, Glucommander, to solve the challenges of sugar management at the hospital bedside.

Glytec CEO Ed Furlong said: “Our algorithmic decision support software has been helping hospital clinicians optimise glycemic management for nearly two decades, and we’ve seen the positive impact it can have.

“The fact that Roche understands the importance of inpatient glycemic management and chose Glytec as the first software partner for the revolutionary device it’s designing speaks volumes about the technology we’ve built and the direction the market is headed.”

Under this partnership, the Glucommander software application will run on Roche’s blood glucose system called cobas pulse that has been developed to improve patient safety by enabling point-of-care clinicians to collect and take action on glycemic management data.

The integration of the hardware and software is expected to help nurses and physicians fix the gap between getting data and taking action.

Roche Diagnostics Core Lab and Point of Care senior vice-president Brad Moore said: “Diagnostics play a critical role in helping people live longer and healthier lives and we are hopeful that this partnership with Glytec will bring an innovative glucose management tool to the point of care.

“Our goal is to drive better care for patients and there is a great need for a diagnostic ecosystem that combines accurate results, robust data, and digital capabilities to improve the standard of care.”