Jacobs, a technical professional services provider, has secured a contract to design the $582m (A$750m) Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital Stage 1 Redevelopment project in Australia.

The New South Wales (NSW) government’s Health Infrastructure awarded the contract.

As part of the project, RPA Hospital will be expanded and redeveloped to cater to the rising demand for healthcare in the community.

A new hospital building will be constructed, and existing spaces will be renovated to increase beds for adult inpatients, among other additions.

Furthermore, the project will expand the emergency department, intensive care unit, medical imaging services, operating theatres, and maternity, birthing and neonatal services at the hospital.

Under the contract, Jacobs will provide interior and exterior design and health planning services.

Jacobs executive vice-president Patrick Hill said: “We’ve worked collaboratively with Health Infrastructure for more than ten years to design world-leading, technology-forward, award winning healthcare facilities for local communities and our appointment on this project is testament to this successful partnership.

“Thoughtful and tactical staging of the work is critical to this project and we’ll draw on our strong relationship with key stakeholders and working knowledge of hospital operations to reduce the impacts on hospital staff, patients and the delivery of patient care.”

Previously, Jacobs was contracted to create a sustainability strategy for a new health and education precinct centred around the current RPA Hospital.

Building on the precinct’s sustainability strategy, the new redevelopment project will repurpose and retrofit existing buildings with new technologies and support for recent care models.

NSW government has started the project a year earlier than originally planned as part of its COVID-19 Recovery Plan.

Last month, the Government of Queensland in Australia and Mater Health Services announced a collaboration to deliver a new public hospital with 174 beds in Springfield.