Mayo Clinic has introduced a new model for patients to receive comprehensive and complex care at home through a new technology platform.

As part of the new care model, patients with conditions that were previously managed in a hospital could transition to a home setting and receive virtual and in-person care, along with recovery services.

Mayo Clinic physicians will guide a network of paramedics, nurses and other team members to deliver infusions, imaging services, behavioral health and rehabilitation services, among others.

The initiative is said to be a combination of technology, innovation and clinical expertise. For the programme, Mayo Clinic partnered with Medically Home.

Mayo Clinic Platform president John Halamka said: “During Covid-19, we’ve learned that patients expect more virtual and remote care than ever.

“The Mayo Clinic Platform, in collaboration with Medically Home, has assembled the technology and expertise to deliver high quality, acute care in non-traditional settings like the home.”

Medically Home is a technology-enabled services company that facilitates medical providers to transition advanced medical care to patients’ homes safely. The company is said to provide an integrated technology platform and network of in-home services.

Medically Home executive chairman Raphael Rakowski said: “We are proud of our collaboration with Mayo Clinic, and their absolute commitment to patients, care innovation and excellence in outcomes.

“The work we will be doing together in this model, will have a profound impact on how we all look at the future of medical care delivery.”

Mayo Clinic will begin advanced care at home enrollment in July and August.

In February this year, Mayo Clinic formed an alliance to integrate its library of clinical insights with Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform.