MEDIGO has introduced its new software solution, Organ TeamLink, to help streamline response to organ donor referrals.

Organ TeamLink is intended to improve the organs supply for transplantation by enabling more efficient organ procurement organization (OPO) response to each donor.

Designed to run on the Scoutline platform, the solution is expected to help 57 OPOs in the nation to streamline their response to new organ donor referrals.

It allows an administrator on call (AOC) to see the available employee in the field to optimise the organ donor referral response.

It provides precise location data for OPO team members in the field and ETAs to the donor hospital.

This reduces the stress on OPO team members and saves more lives.

MediGO co-founder and CEO Scott Plank said: “Organ TeamLink was born out of collaborative discussions with OPOs about ways to more quickly and efficiently respond to organ donor referrals.

“The breakthroughs provided by this programme will not only help OPOs make better-informed decisions when assigning team members to a case but also help them coordinate resources more confidently as the case progresses.”

The company noted that Organ TeamLink will be available through the MediGO app and desktop.

The new software solution is the latest addition to the company’s products’ suite designed for the donation and transplantation industry.

Organ TeamLink was developed with support from St Louis-based OPO serving organisation, Mid-America Transplant.

Mid-America Transplant executive vice-president and chief operations officer Kevin Lee said: “We believe innovations like this will provide better line of sight that can help the entire OPO community respond quicker and more accurately to potential donation opportunities, ultimately saving more lives.”