US-based Adventist Health System (AHS) is set to deploy MyRounding platform, in a bid to improve its rounding process across its participating hospitals.

Based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, AHS includes 44 hospital campuses with 8,100 licensed beds in ten states.

Adventist Health System vice-president Pam Guler said: "Our facility leaders round and talk with their patients daily, and an automated tool that supports this process along with follow-up is key to our focus on patient and family centred care.

"MyRounding allows our leaders to capture real-time patient feedback in an organised manner."

"MyRounding allows our leaders to capture real-time patient feedback in an organised manner so that we can proactively meet patient and family needs and continually improve and sustain the best patient experience."

The platform will enable healthcare facilities to collect data and provide instant reports to administrators and nurses on patient feedback and experience.

It also helps users to create, assign and track issues at the point of patient care for immediate service recovery.

MyRounding, which will be incorporated with AHS’ HER, will provide visibility into daily rounding activities specific to each patient. It is said to allow clients to easily create custom questions, scripts and templates that can be supplied to users instantly.

Approximately 25 AHS hospitals are currently moving from paper-based rounding processes to the MyRounding app, which will help them to achieve real-time visibility and better accountability in rounding.

The facilities will also use the platform to track the environment of care and rounds on employees.

MyRounding Solutions is a digital health firm, which is specialised in creating software tools for healthcare professionals.