Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, has deployed the Vantage Titan 1.5T MR system from Toshiba America Medical Systems.

The solution is expected to help the medical centre image patients from the Laura Dreier Breast Center during screening and surgical planning.

Banner Good Samaritan director of medical imaging Kathy Altergott said that Vantage Titan is helping the centre expand its capabilities to conduct breast, liver and kidney imaging. "The patient-friendly features, including the large open-bore and noise-reduction technology, improve the patient experience, while the ease of use enables us to perform exams more efficiently," she added.

The Vantage Titan, which features Toshiba’s Pianissimo noise-reduction technology, offers a 71cm open bore and allows feet-first imaging for most exams to help minimise claustrophobia. Pianissimo noise-reduction technology minimises exam noise levels by up to 30db, addressing one of the major compliance issues in MR.

The medical centre has also installed two of Toshiba’s proprietary non-contrast MRA techniques, fresh blood imaging (FBI) and time space angiography (TSA), to image patients near or at renal failure. The system also helps physicians in planning liver transplants, for general musculoskeletal imaging and other clinical applications.

Toshiba MR business unit director Stuart Clarkson said partnering with Banner Good Samaritan demonstrates the versatility of the Vantage Titan in helping diagnose a variety of conditions while making the exam experience more comfortable and safer for patients. "We also plan to work together with Banner Good Samaritan in the future to explore and develop advanced non-contrast breast imaging techniques," he added.