Buerger Centre

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has opened a new Buerger Centre, which is claimed to be the most advanced outpatient facility for paediatric care in the US.

Approximately 4,200 donors, of which more than 1,300 CHOP employees, have helped raise more than $96m towards the design and construction of the Buerger Centre.

The Silver LEED certified Buerger Centre is designed to provide better patient experience and ease stress for visiting families.

Some of the care in the Buerger Centre is offered through groups of related specialties sharing clinical space. This arrangement is designed to help clinician and staff collaboration, as well as simplify visits for patients and their families.

CHOP president Madeline Bell said: "The Buerger Center is the biggest and most exciting project CHOP has undertaken since the hospital moved to its current location in 1974.

"So many people contributed to make The Buerger Center a reality.

"The Buerger Center is the biggest and most exciting project CHOP has undertaken since the hospital moved to its current location in 1974."

"The Buerger family’s landmark $50m gift is equal to the largest in the hospital’s history and is helping to shape the hospital’s future.

"Additionally, I am particularly proud that more than 1,300 CHOP employees, led by our employee cabinet, donated to the construction of the centre.

"It is because of their generosity that this building is setting a new standard for paediatric outpatient care, not just here at CHOP, but around the world."

The new building features spacious waiting rooms for families, a multipurpose roof garden for recreation, rehabilitation sessions and a landscaped, outdoor garden plaza to provide a safe area for play, entertainment, reflection and emotional recharging.

It also features a building wide theme ‘Children in Motion’ that uses images to promote a culture of wellness and activity, as well as enhance patient navigation.

In September, CHOP selected PeraHealth to use its full suite of real-time clinical surveillance software, which includes the paediatric Rothman Index (pRI) to improve clinician awareness of children who may be at risk of clinical deterioration while in hospital.

The software will be used at CHOP’s main campus inpatient location, where it will be integrated into their existing electronic health record (EHR).

Both parties will also collaborate on research intended to improve the delivery of paediatric care.

Image: CHOP president Madeline Bell, Pelli Clarke Pelli senior principal Cesar Pelli and members of the Buerger family at the opening of the Buerger Center. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.