eClinicalWorks, a provider of healthcare IT solutions, has advanced the interoperability with the eClinicalWorks Open Interoperability (EOI) development platform.

This launch bolsters the company’s venture into improving access to health data, after the announcement recently on the exchange of over two million documents over a 12-month period through Carequality Interoperability Framework.

EOI enables third-party developers to build patient-facing healthcare applications. These applications will be able to operate within one of the largest networks of ambulatory physicians and patients.

EOI makes use of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), which is an established HL7 industry standard for data exchange.

The application developers need to use a self-service portal to register an account with the EOI platform. Once the  account registration is done, it is reviewed and approved, following which developers will be able to quickly link to healthcare organisations and practices that have allowed API access through the eClinicalWorks EHR.

The EOI platform will be available to developers at the end of this year.

eClinicalWorks CEO and co-founder Girish Navani said: “Further enhancing access to health data is vital to the future of healthcare.

“At eClinicalWorks, interoperability remains a commitment and the EOI development platform will further improve access to patient health information.”