China-based intelligent healthcare developer Shenzhen Lachesis Mhealth has integrated EarlySense’s InSight contactless monitoring technology into its new Intelligent Hospital Ward Solution.

Developed for the general ward staff and patients, the platform is set to be unveiled at the ongoing China International Medical Equipment Fair at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

Addition of the EarlySense technology will enable the Lachesis solution to transmit real-time cardiac and respiratory data and notifications to the nurses’ station.

It will also enable the relay of the patient’s data to the handheld devices and other remote viewing displays within the facility.

EarlySense’s sensor can be placed under a bed mattress to accurately and continuously monitor patient heart rate, respiratory rate and movement without ever touching the patient.

It has been designed to analyse two patient data points per second and helps healthcare teams to early detect patient’s deterioration.

Shenzhen Lachesis Mhealth CEO Shuangquan Zhu said: “The need to continuously monitor post-acute care patients is growing, and we are pleased to collaborate with leading smart sensor developer EarlySense on a solution that will prove essential to both patients and healthcare staff across the region.

“Our platform combines wireless sensing technology and advanced analytics to create a seamless, end-to-end solution for safe, cost-effective monitoring of general care patients.”

Lachesis noted that its new Intelligent Hospital Ward Solution offers a complete range of technologies that allow an improved healthcare flow to deliver better medical services.

The platform features a closed-loop infusion management system, intelligent diagnosis and treatment assistant, nurse digital assistant device, nurse information system, IoT management and several patient monitoring sensors.