Maine Medical Center has selected MicroPact's case management platform for the Department of Vocational Services.

MicroPact’s entellitrak will be configured and installed at the department to streamline service delivery across multiple programmes.

This web-based system will allow Employment Specialists (ESs) and Community Work Incentives Coordinators (CWICs) at the department to help individuals with a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities achieve employment of their choice in their community, throughout the state of Maine.

MicroPact CEO Kris Collo said: “We are pleased to offer a solution to help Maine Medical Center and other providers administer much-needed services more efficiently.

“As a low-code application development platform purpose-built for case management, entellitrak is ideally suited to vocational services delivery. Because the system is so flexible, it can be easily adapted to changing program needs and regulations without changes to the source code.”

The entellitrak will capture all information for each multiple vocational programme offered by Maine Medical Center into a single system with a central database.

This will allow individuals, enrolled in one programme, to easily move to another programme as their needs change.

In addition to capturing all elements of each case, the system will track the employers of clients, annual satisfaction surveys, as well as training and professional development activity, including time and expenses.

The Data-First approach of entellitrak allows it to be implemented immediately and configured continuously for case management and business process management.

The programmes offered at Maine Medical Center require flexible case management features such as referrals, intake, assessment, staff assignment, individualized plan development and coordination, documentation, reporting, and case termination.