KeepUS app

A new KeepUs app has been developed in the UK to help family members and carers monitor the health and activity of their relatives or patients.

While the app has been undergoing trials for over two years, the developers are now seeking 10,000 volunteers to download a free version of the app to prove the concept.

The KeepUs app has been developed to eliminate emergency pendants and monitoring systems that are tied to a specific location.

The application can be installed on an Android phone carried by the patient/elderly person.

Family and carers can then check on activity and location online and receive customised alerts on a phone, tablet or PC when a potential emergency situation arises.

KeepUs founder Tom Doris said: "The app can be used to determine day-to-day well-being but it can also be used to establish medium to long-term trends.

"For example, if it is becoming obvious that there is a steep decline in activity that might be the trigger to suggest that their ability to remain in their home living alone is coming to an end.

"Conversely, if they are statistically as well as apparently healthy and active – so every day not just when someone is present – that could delay the time when more care is needed."

Commercial care institutions are already making use of the app in managed accommodation and care homes, while a free version is now available for private individuals for non-commercial use.

Image: The new KeepUs app can be installed on Android phones. Photo: courtesy of Mason Williams Communications.