Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (UHB) has installed Vernacare’s Vortex human waste disposal units across its University Hospital Wales site in a bid to eliminate infection risk.

The Vortex disposal unit is designed for simplicity and ease of use combined with maximum efficiency, the company said.

The hospital is using Vernacare’s single-use urinals, bedpans and other containers, which are disposed after usage in the machines to reduce the cross-infection risk in patient toileting and washing.

A team leader from Cardiff and Vale UHB estates department said: "The Vortex machines are well engineered and durable.

"This is very important considering that they are used so frequently.

"Our engineers find the machines straight forward to maintain. The machine diaphragm opens up and there’s space inside to deal with the electronics.

"The Vortex machines are well engineered and durable."

"If the problems are complex, then we can call Vernacare’s engineers, who are very helpful and responsive. Availability of spare parts is also excellent."

Designed to work with Vernacare’s single-use products, the Vortex system can process four items in two minutes.

In addition, the unit features a twin-blade design and uses a cold water cycle to disintegrate waste products and wash the particles safely down the drain with the waste water.

The disposal unit uses less water and energy to dispose of its single-use products than re-usable systems, reducing clinical waste impact and energy consumption.

Vernacare also designed the new Vortex+ disposal unit, setting new standards in infection prevention as it uses totally ‘touchless’ technology to ensure the disposal of patient waste from toileting and washing is entirely hands-free.

Image: University Hospital Wales’ employee uses Vernacare’s Vortex unit. Photo: courtesy of Vernacare.