US-based University Hospitals (UH) has selected GenomOncology’s GO Clinical Workbench to deploy in its Case Medical Centre and Seidman Cancer Centre.

The hospital will use the GO Clinical Workbench to develop and launch its first next generation sequencing (NGS) based cancer diagnostic test.

GO Clinical Workbench is a decision support tool with a step-by-step workflow, which takes raw data from the sequencer and translates the specific molecular profile of each patient’s tumour genome into an actionable clinical report.

UH Case Medical Centre clinical pathology division chief Joseph Willis said: "Cancer research not only advances cancer treatment, it also provides a source of hope and help for patients for whom other treatments have failed.

"Coupling our research efforts with the powerful analytics provided by the GO Clinical Workbench will allow us to quickly translate scientific findings into the highest quality patient care."

According to GenomOncology, the hospital will leverage the tool for workflow management from raw sequencing data through delivery of an actionable clinical report for oncologists.

GenomOncology CEO Manuel Glynias said: "GenomOncology is honoured to have our GO Clinical Workbench selected by University Hospitals, one of the nation’s leading health care systems.

UH operates 15 hospitals, 26 outpatient centres and primary care physician offices in 15 counties across the US.