New Hampshire-based Wentworth-Douglass Hospital has installed Toshiba Medical’s Infinix-i Sky + angiography system in its endovascular hybrid OR to diagnose and treat a wide range of vascular disorders, such as aneurysms and peripheral vascular disease.

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital’s Wentworth Health Partners Cardiovascular Group director Dr. James Estes said: “We needed an angiography system that would work seamlessly with our existing OR table while offering high quality imaging, workflow features and the flexibility to perform any vascular procedure needed. The Infinix-i Sky + meets all of these needs.”

“We knew Toshiba Medical would be a good partner and will ensure our success throughout the life of the system, including service and ongoing training.”

The Infinix-i Sky + ceiling mounted system comes with a double sliding C-arm which could be positioned in different ways and angles to help the doctor to increase speed, coverage and patient access.

The system has a 12” x 16” flat panel that can be positioned above or below the patient. This feature offers physicians increased flexibility to conduct procedures that require additional space and enables superior visualisation due to its low contrast imaging capabilities.  

The Infinix-i Sky + incorporates a dose management tool, the Dose Tracking System, which- estimates peak skin dose exposure in real time.

Toshiba America Medical Systems’ Interventional X-ray Business Unit director Bill Newsom said: “Today’s patient populations can be complex and healthcare providers need versatile imaging technology that meet their specific angiography needs,”

“From embolization, angioplasty, aneurysms, stent replacements or virtually any other image-guided procedure, the Infinix-i Sky + delivers high quality 3D imaging, innovative dose management tools and unprecedented flexibility and patient access.”

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