Prelude Fertility (Prelude) and Inception Fertility (Inception) have announced to combine their operations, a move that will position Prelude Network as a large provider of fertility services in the US.

Last year, the Prelude Network and Inception’s Aspire clinics completed around 18,000 IVF cycles. Their centres in total have 67 affiliated reproductive endocrinologists.

Inception Fertility founder TJ Farnsworth said: “Similar to Martin Varsavsky, who founded Prelude following his personal experience with fertility treatments, my wife and I faced fertility roadblocks and we experienced the benefits and challenges of infertility care firsthand. It inspired us to establish Inception with a truly patient-centric approach that examines and prioritizes their physical and emotional needs first before their medical treatments.

“Our combined companies’ likeminded vision and approach is personal and drives us all to change the traditional patient fertility experience to better support family building goals.”

Farnsworth will now serve as CEO for the new parent entity, Inception.

Mark Kehoe, who earlier served as chief operating officer of Prelude, will now serve in the same role at Inception.

The expansion of the Prelude Network will stand to benefit national and large regional employers. As a result of the expansion, employees will have greater access to fertility services as insurance benefits continue to grow in the US, driven primarily by employee demand and government legislation.

Within its network, Prelude oversees 23 fertility practices and 36 locations across the country including labs, satellite locations, and outpatient ambulatory surgery centres.

The new parent entity will also oversee MyEggBank, which was acquired by Prelude in 2016.

MyEggBank is a frozen donor egg bank in North America. Its production centers provide donor eggs to over 100 affiliated IVF centres across the US and US and Canada.

Inception is the parent company of Aspire Fertility, which has 11 locations in Texas and one in Atlanta, Georgia.