Resilinc has collaborated with Intalere for deployment of The Exchange at Resilinc, a hospital-to-hospital healthcare platform to help reduce shortages of medical devices and supplies.

A cloud-based platform, The Exchange at Resilinc enables hospitals to interact with peer organisations to locate and exchange important medical devices required during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Launched in mid-April, hospitals across the US can join the platform at no cost.

Resilinc CEO and founder Bindiya Vakil said: “Like many healthcare and group purchasing organizations (GPO) nationwide, hospitals across the Intalere network are manually searching for items that are on allocation by suppliers, which is proving time consuming and has limited geographic reach.

“Resilinc is proud to collaborate with GPOs, hospitals and government organisations to build a trusted peer-to-peer network in a collaborative environment to get quick access to much needed medical supplies, like personal protection equipment, for frontline healthcare workers.”

This exchange platform is built to be a countrywide, GPO-agnostic network that can be tapped by any healthcare, government or group purchasing organisation. It will allow hospitals and frontline healthcare providers to trade or loan medical devices and supplies as quickly as possible.

Intalere chief operating officer Todd Larkin said:  “The Covid-19 outbreak is pushing hospitals to the breaking point for finding medical supplies. A peer exchange platform like ‘The Exchange at Resilinc’ empowers hospitals to instantly locate supplies they need in minutes, not days, through a virtual warehouse where hospitals can collaborate and loan or trade medical supplies among thousands of hospitals nationwide.

“As an existing partner of Resilinc and a board member of the Healthcare Transparency Initiative, we’re excited to partner with Resilinc to provide this level of visibility and coordination to the healthcare industry.”

Donations of critical supplies by nonprofits or other businesses will also be distributed through an integrated donation centre within the exchange platform.

Resilinc is a provider of AI-based supply chain mapping and disruption monitoring services, while Intalere delivers solutions designed for improving financial, operational aspects of hospitals.