Delhi, India-based central government-run Safdarjang Hospital (SJH) has conducted its 200th international live surgery using robotics/3D lap webcast technology, reported the Times of India.

It was performed by a team of doctors from the urology department of the hospital.

A total of 3,167 urologists from 20 countries viewed the surgery.

SJH urology, robotics and renal transplant department head Dr Anup Kumar said that the hospital has been using this technology for six years to perform complex cancer and reconstructive surgeries.

Dr Anup added: “More than 12,000 urologists worldwide have been watching these webcasts in the past six years and taking benefits of this highly advanced technology training.

“We performed very complex surgeries – robotic partial nephrectomy in chronic kidney disease patients in which we were able to save the kidney and only removed the renal tumour. The 3D lap boari flap repair was also performed for a long segment of ureteric stricture, which was a complex reconstructive surgery, and we could save the kidney.”

Connected to 52 medical colleges across India, the live robotic/3D lap surgery webcast was started on an online education e-health portal for providing training to distant rural as well as urban areas.

Medical superintendent Dr BL Sherwal stated: “Now, India is leading the world in providing training in robotics and 3D lap, using highly advanced technology.”