Sheba Medical Center’s ARC innovation complex and technology company Iguazio have partnered to work on delivering a real-time AI to optimise patient care.

Iguazio was selected to assist the digital transformation of Sheba with real-time AI and machine learning operations (MLOps) in several projects.

One of the projects that the companies are working is optimisation of patient care through clinical, real-time predictive data.

Sheba will use the Iguazio Data Science Platform to foresee and lessen complications in cases such as Covid-19 patient deterioration or support decision-making throughout surgery.

Iguazio co-founder and CEO Asaf Somekh said: “We are honoured to be supporting Sheba, a global leader in healthcare innovation, especially in the midst of the current pandemic, when the community is relying on health facilities the most.

“Incorporating AI into these many real-time use cases is setting a new standard for medical centres worldwide.”

In another project, AI will be used in the form of smart mobility to plan out the patient’s entire journey from arrival to the medical facility to departure following treatment.

It will also allow patient flow management and help comply with Covid-19 social distancing protocols.

Furthermore, the projects include collaboration on multi-cloud and hybrid deployments with Microsoft Azure and Google GCP.

Sheba chief medical officer and chief innovation officer Eyal Zimlichman MD said: “Bringing real-time AI to every aspect of Sheba’s emerging City of Health is the next step in our digital transformation.

“After months of perfecting our AI research across many use cases, it’s time to bring them to life in our daily operations.”

These projects will be presented in a Big Data and AI conference on 30 December.