Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) in South Korea has opened a large-scale community treatment centre for Covid-19 patients in Seongnam region of Seoul.

Opened in just two days, the new facility has 100 patient rooms and 200 sickbeds.

This is the second community treatment centre opened by SNUH in the Seoul metro region within five days, reported Korea Biomedical Review. The first facility was opened in Nowon-gu region on 22 August.

Hospital official was quoted by the news agency as saying: “Actually, it took only two days to open the new treatment center with 100 patient rooms and 200 sickbeds by making the most of our past experiences. Some workers had to stay up for two nights in a row.”

SNUH has sent 20 doctors and 30 nurses, pharmacists, radiologists and administrative officials to the new Covid-19 treatment centre, which started accepting patients on 27 August.

The new facility will primarily cater to mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 cases.

Patients visiting the centre will be given wearable equipment and checked for electrocardiogram, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, as well as heart and respiratory rate.

This vital sign data will be sent to the SNUH’s information system in real-time, allowing medical professionals to track a patient’s condition using a mobile application.

SNUH professor Son Joung-sik was quoted as saying: “It was difficult to make an infection control plan and build facility and system by separating passages, assigning people, and securing medical devices, in a short time but all the staff worked as one.”

In January this year, China converted a building into a 1,000-bed hospital near Wuhan in two days to treat Covid-19 patients.