The UK Government has committed a package worth £3.7bn to build 40 hospitals by 2030, with invitation for an additional eight schemes to bid for future funding.

Over the coming months, new standards will be created for the design of new hospitals. The focus will be on modular construction approaches in order to expedite the build.

The government introduced the health infrastructure plan (HIP) with a £2.8bn investment in September last year. The investment was meant for six new hospitals, as well as seed funding for trusts in the UK.

Under the latest package, the trusts that were given seed funding will be fully funded to deliver 25 new hospitals, including a new facility in Shotley Bridge.

This long-term investment is expected to help the National Health Service (NHS) deliver improved care across the UK over the coming years.

Of the new schemes for eight additional new hospitals, a proportion will be mental health facilities.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “The dedication and tireless efforts of our nurses, doctors and all healthcare workers have kept the NHS open throughout this pandemic.

“From Morpeth to Milton Keynes, we are building 40 new hospitals across England to level up our NHS so more people have top-class healthcare services in their local area.”

Furthermore, the government will provide £850m to a total of 20 hospitals to upgrade outdated facilities and equipment. Enabling works have already commenced at various sites.

Over the past few months, the Prime Minister announced £1.5bn funding for the NHS, including £450m for 142 A&E upgrades for better infection control and to boost capacity.

The government is also working to deliver 50,000 additional nurses, along with more than 9,200 doctors. More than 14,100 additional nurses are working in the NHS as compared to last year.

In August this year, the UK government invested in Scottish universities to transform its National Health Service (NHS) healthcare delivery.