Healthcare identity management solutions provider Verato has announced a partnership with Redox, a healthcare integration provider, to combine their expertise in creating a more accurate and trusted identity record for patients, members, providers and communities.

The partnership will leverage Verato’s referential matching technology and Redox’s composable technology ecosystem to improve data access, interoperability and quality across the healthcare digital ecosystem for hospitals and care centres, among others.

The solutions will help collect data from multiple sources, analyse and organise it, and ensure that records for a single patient, member or provider are matched accurately and automatically across systems.

According to the press release, around 30% of patient demographic data is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated, and nearly 35% of denied insurance claims are caused by incorrect patient matching, which can result in hospitals losing an average of $2.5m per year.

Redox CEO Luke Bonney said: “Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and many healthcare organisations are stymied by inaccurate or incorrect data but also struggle to quickly implement effective solutions to address this challenge.”  

The partnership plans to improve matching accuracy, and drive higher-quality decision-making, operational efficiency and an improved experience for hospitals and patients.

Verato CEO Clay said: “We are proud to offer Verato technology as a solution to Redox customers’ identification and data challenges, ultimately enabling these organisations to move into the future, drastically improving patient care and operations”.

The partnership has already launched a new solution called Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato, which integrates easily with organisations’ existing technology suites to create a full and accurate identity record for each person they serve.