MiniCollect® PIXIE is a safety lancet for the heel. With a shallow penetration depth, PIXIE nevertheless gently ensures maximum blood flow. This product is ideal for premature and newborn babies.

Three different PIXIE safety lancets are available for heel incision, each adapted to a different stage of infant development. The depth of penetration and the length of the incision differ depending on the selected device. Thanks to optimal ergonomics and the fully enclosed blade, MiniCollect PIXIE can enhance safety during capillary blood collection from the heel.

Precise incision thanks to tapered lancet slot and dual colour

When MiniCollect PIXIE is positioned on the heel, the dual colour design, together with the arrows on both sides, allow a precise identification of the puncture site.

  • Ergonomic design and non-slip texture
  • Non-detachable safety tab
  • One-handed activation
  • Trigger positioned on side prevents tissue compression

MiniCollect Capillary Blood Collection System

MiniCollect offers a gentle way to collect small blood samples for a wide range of analyses.

The system is perfectly suited for young children and geriatric patients, as well as patients with fragile veins. MiniCollect is also recommended in situations where venous blood collection proves particularly difficult or contraindicated. For delicate vein conditions, patients who often have blood samples taken, or people with severe burns, capillary blood collection with the MiniCollect system offers a great alternative to venous blood collection.

The MiniCollect tube includes an integrated scoop, allowing droplets of blood to be collected easily and hygienically. The additional use of a capillary or funnel is not needed.

Wide range of Safety Lancets

The MiniCollect lancets are available with a wide range of puncture depths and blade sizes/needle gauges to ensure that the puncture wound can be kept as small as possible while achieving the targeted sample volume. The safety mechanism ensures that the blade/needle is automatically retracted after the puncture and is safely enclosed within the plastic housing.

Particularly when dealing with our youngest patients, it is imperative that the procedure be as gentle as possible to avoid causing unnecessary anxiety. The safety mechanism means that the blade/needle is hidden from view, allowing the blood collection to take place in a more relaxed atmosphere for all concerned.

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