The Maglife Serenity.

A recent development from Schiller, a leading company in MRI patient monitoring, provides safe, day-to-day monitoring for routine or complex MRI examinations.

Schiller is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of electrocardiographs, long-term ECG and blood pressure recorders, spirometers, medical IT solutions, patient monitors and external defibrillators.

Schiller’s latest development in MR monitoring, the Maglife Serenity, is designed to manage complex day-to-day MRI examinations in combination with patient monitoring. The Serenity is an MR-compatible patient monitor, tested and approved for magnetic fields from 0.2 Tesla up to 3 Tesla, suitable for all MRI types and brands.

Schiller provides ECG recordings based on MR technology. This procedure reduces the risk of burns as well as signal interference and gradient artefacts to a minimum and permits a standardised operation just like in a conventional environment.

Neonates and infants, as well as patients suffering from reduced thermoregulation, severe vascular disorders, cardiac arrhythmia, poor general condition or epilepsy, require high-end monitoring during the examination. The Maglife Serenity has been developed for use during anaesthesia of adults, children and neonates in an MRI environment.

Gas analysis

The Serenity offers analysis based on infrared technology during anaesthesia. Features include:

  • Auto-identification of gases
  • Display of two gases simultaneously
  • Inspired and expired values for all gases
  • One patient sample line for all gases, O2, CO2, N2O and agents

Highest ECG quality

A standard key feature is the fibre optic ECG, with proprietary at source cleaned signal technology. This unique patented artefact-free technology is designed to resolve problems caused by emitted radio frequencies, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, thereby providing maximum patient safety and high signal quality.

Several gating outputs

The cardiac gating module links the signal by fibre optics to any MRI imager, providing optical analogue outputs for ECG or Sp02 as well as optical pulse outputs for trigger of ECG or Sp02.

Temperature control

The Maglife Serenity is available with zero, one or two temperature modules. When exchanging probes between two modules, a high accuracy of 0.2°C is guaranteed without any calibration.

SPO2 sensors

The Maglife Serenity features very thin and light SPO2 sensors with optical fibre bundle connection.


The combination of the 3-D magnetic field detector and the movement detector allows the Maglife Serenity to monitor the magnetic field at all times, even if the device is switched off.

When the Serenity is moved the movement detector activates a device which monitors the magnetic field. When the device is brought too close to the MRI it will sound an alarm.

Ethernet connectivity

The Serenity includes an optical connection to a remote Magsreen monitor in the MR control room. A network containing the Serenity and several Magsreen monitors can be set up to ensure full control of any system without disturbing the MRI imaging.