SonixTOUCH is a touch-screen-driven ultrasound system.

The flexibility of its software platform and a strong relationship cultivated with the research community has allowed Ultrasonix to quickly and easily plug in the latest ultrasound technologies.

Ultrasonix’s products are powered by its OpenSONIX software platform. The capabilities of OpenSONIX have made Ultrasonix a primary supplier of ultrasound equipment for the research and development community worldwide. Most accomplished research groups use the OpenSONIX platform in the development of ground-breaking ultrasound technologies such as elastography. The flexibility of this platform and a strong relationship with the research community allows Ultrasonix to plug in technologies quickly and easily.

Because the company’s products combine the latest innovations with ease of use and outstanding design, medical practitioners can rely on a product that uses state-of-the-art technology and is intuitive to their clinical speciality. To date, Ultrasonix is one of the top three suppliers of ultrasound equipment for emergency medicine departments and anesthesia applications. It is also on its way to becoming the leading provider of ultrasound equipment to in-vitro fertility (IVF) clinics. In these markets, Ultrasonix offers features that dramatically improve the way customers use ultrasound.

Ultrasound system product line

The Ultrasonix product line includes SonixTOUCH, SonixOP, SonixSP and SonixMDP. All of these products are based on OpenSONIX architecture, with a different number of channels. SonixTOUCH is a touch-screen-driven ultrasound system that includes a one-button wizard, ideal for speciality applications. The interface can be made user-specific so that, for example, the SonixTOUCH IVF interface includes custom follicle measurement tools, connectivity to the main IVF electronic medical records systems and the ability to perform endovaginal scans.

The SonixTOUCH E-Med includes a 90min battery, custom E-Med presets and interface, and a complete QA / credentialing solution (SonixHUB).

The SonixOP is an entry-level, strong performance, B-mode/Colour/Pulsed Doppler cart-based system designed for workhorse imaging. It is capable of advanced 4D imaging.

The Sonix MDP is a fully loaded system that offers high-performance imaging,
8,192 channels and can have additional features plugged in such as elastography.

SonixGPS – freehand ultrasound biopsy guidance technology

In 2009, Ultrasonix will be releasing the SonixGPS, the industry’s first freehand ultrasound biopsy guidance technology. The SonixGPS is a game-changing advancement that allows the clinician to know where the tip of the needle is during a biopsy and line access at all times. This will improve safety by reducing the guesswork during these procedures and will dramatically increase the confidence levels of clinicians. The SonixGPS is available as an option on all Sonix systems.

The custom Ultrasonix GPS transducers include 3D position sensors integrated inside the handle (removing the need for custom brackets) and can be tracked spatially by the Sonix ultrasound system. A very thin, reusable custom needle 3D tracking device is inserted inside a sterile disposable needle. This allows the tip of the needle to always be located in relation to the ultrasound transducer. An intuitive display and user interface allows the clinician to locate precisely where the needle is going before inserting the needle into the skin.

Compared with existing biopsy techniques such as freehand, or the use of biopsy guides, this new development eliminates the need for any additional setup on the transducer and the need to be exactly in plane. It also allows the clinician to know the direction and position of the needle prior to insertion and highlights needles that are difficult to see. Finally, transverse biopsies can be performed extremely easily with a greater degree of confidence.

The technology can also be used in conjunction with Sentinelle’s AEGIS software and multi-modality plugin allowing for real-time ultrasound imaging registered with preacquired DICOM MRI volumes, specifically for breast, prostate and liver scanning and biopsy applications.

About Ultrasonix

Ultrasonix Medical Corporation (UMC), based in Richmond, BC, Canada, designs, manufactures and distributes a new generation of ultrasound systems.