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Is the world ready for the next global disease epidemic?

Ease and frequency of international travel have made the world one big contagion hub. Global epidemics are a very real threat and with that comes the need to anticipate and prepare for the next major disease outbreak.

Obesity in the UK: setting new standards in clinical treatment

The UK’s first dedicated bariatric clinic aims to set new standards for the treatment of obesity. But isn’t preventing obesity better than finding a cure? Elly Earls spoke to consultant bariatric surgeons Guy Slater and Simon Dexter.

Genetic testing – diagnostic miracle or an ethical minefield?

When used in the right way, the advantages of genetic testing are abundantly clear. But as whole-genome sequencing and non-invasive pre-natal genetic testing become more widely available, healthcare professionals are struggling to keep pace. Elly Earls reports.

Should EU healthcare workers speak English – paving the way to a modernised directive

The ability of health professionals to work across Europe has been a controversial issue in recent years. With an overhaul of the EU directive underway, Laura Walkinshaw asks what impact new healthcare worker mobility rules will have on hospitals – and if patients will be in safer hands.

Snapshot: The US cloud computing market for medical imaging

Advances in diagnostic imaging are driving a need for new ways to access, store and share medical images. Using detailed research compiled by GlobalData, this snapshot charts the dynamics behind a market set to grow by 27% to 2018.

Top trends for healthcare to 2012

As medical technology advances faster than ever, 2012 promises to be a landmark year for patients and caregivers alike. Elly Earls investigates new legislation, issues of sustainability and innovative uses of squeezed budgets to single out five trends likely to have the biggest impact on the healthcare industry in the next 12 months.