Intersurgical offers a range of Oral Care toothbrushes and kits to help target Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

Part of its range of soft bristle toothbrushes for adults and paediatrics in intensive care, the OroCare™ Select toothbrush is now supplied with a chlorhexidine ampoule, delivering antibacterial fluid direct at the bristles to reach all areas of the oral cavity.

A combination of oral care brushing and suctioning treatments as part of a comprehensive oral care protocol means care providers can efficiently prevent build-up of oropharyngeal bacterial biofilm, leading to a reduction of VAP and aspiration pneumonias and greatly reduced associated treatment costs.

Intersurgical’s wider range of OroCare™ products include daily protocol kits to facilitate the introduction of an oral care hygiene routine over a 24-hour period. Available in 4-hour (q4) or 8-hour (q8) intervention options, they offer a simple-to-use disposable solution straight from the pack.

Each intervention contains a suction brush or a suction wand, one liquid dispenser cup, and a mouth moisturiser applicator sponge. The day kits with mouthwash also contain one sachet of 0.12% Chlorhexidine (15ml) mouthwash in each treatment pack. All day kits are supplied with a universal management hanger, which can be adapted to provide a convenient solution for most situations.