intersurgifcal interform

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new product lines to our Airways Accessories range. InterGuide and InterForm are designed to assist during difficult intubation scenarios and are well-established concepts in the market.

InterGuide: A flexible tracheal tube introducer commonly known as a bougie, which allows for ease of positive endotracheal tube location.

Other main features include its bold green colour to make for clear identification within an ET tube; low-friction surface to facilitate insertion; and a non-traumatic coudé tip.

Ideal for use in anaesthesia, for use in predicted or difficult airways; emergency medicine, for difficult airways or where direct laryngoscopy is not possible; and ITU.

Available in sizes 6FR, 10FR and 15FR.

InterForm: A malleable endotracheal stylet made with an aluminium core coated in a mobile plastic sleeve, allowing the user freedom to form the most suitable shape for easy insertion. Acting as a former within the inner lumen of
the ET tube, InterForm does not come into direct contact patient contact.

Ideal for use in anaesthesia and emergency medicine under similar conditions as InterGuide.

Available in sizes 6FR, 10FR and 14FR.

Both are sold in box quantities of ten.