Oral hygiene has become a standard procedure in the fight against Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) in today’s hospitals.

Intersurgical is introducing an extended range of oral care products to meet the increasing diversified needs of the practitioners.

OroCare™ Aspire is a new toothbrush with suction-only properties. This brush closes the gap between simple brushes and high suction-and-irrigation brushes. OroCareÔ Aspire features a user-friendly design and the usual Intersurgical quality.

OroCare™ Sensitive completes our extensive range. It is designed for use on patients without teeth or with extremely sensitive gums. This oral suction wand has many advantages over conventional suction swabs and features a uniquely designed head.

The OroCare™ suction line splitter allows the use of two suction lines on a single vacuum canister. This is necessary, when a closed suction system is in use on the patient and simultaneously a suction toothbrush is used for oral hygiene.