Intersurgical is pleased to announce the launch of The Pyramid™ – a new easy-to-use disposable absorber designed for use with Draeger anaesthetic machines.

The Pyramid is an alternative option to loose-fill absorbents and offers ease of exchange with minimal handling. It can be used on all Draeger anaesthetic machines that have been fitted with the CLIC™ adaptor.

The Pyramid range offers a number of key benefits to the users, including:

  • Speed and ease of absorbent change
  • Integral foam filters reducing dust emission
  • Gas dispersion chamber ensures optimum flow and dispersion, resulting in a better utilisation of the soda lime granules and a more visible colour change
  • An air-tight cap provides a seal to protect the absorbent from moisture and carbon dioxide in the air

Intersurgical can also provide a full choice from a range of absorbents including LoFloSorb, alkali hydroxide-free absorbent; Spherasorb, conventional-type soda lime but with a reduced risk of drying out and only a very low level of alkali hydroxide; and finally, Intersorb plus, standard soda lime.