Intersurgical announce the recent launch of their bronchoscopy face mask range

The bronchoscopy face masks are available in a range of sizes from a size 1 (infant) through to a size 4 (adult). Each facemask has a size-orientated colour-coded hook ring, for ease of identification.

They are primarily designed for the delivery an analgesic gas mixture, such as premixed N2O and O2, whilst allowing for the introduction of a bronchoscope through one of the self-sealing valves, strategically placed around the shell of the face mask.

Using the same technique, the passage of a transesophageal endocardiology probe is also possible with this face mask. Because the valves seal is so good, the facemask could be further used for administration of anaesthetic gases during induction of anaesthesia.

The Intersurgical bronchoscopy mask with its clear shell and anatomically shaped soft cushion is an ideal way to deliver an analgesic gas mixture to your patient whilst undergoing a procedure such as fibre optic bronchoscopy.