Intersurgical is pleased to announce the arrival of the InterFlow CPAP flow generator to compliment the existing range of Intersurgical products for CPAP therapy.

CPAP can be effective in many different applications, reducing the burden on conventional positive pressure ventilation and resulting in cost savings and less intubations, and permitting early extubation.

The InterFlow flow generator is a precise, reliable device requiring minimum maintenance. Its simplicity of use and easy set-up ensures the clinician has complete performance confidence.

Features include variable flow rates from approx 0l/min-120l/min and oxygen concentrations from 33% to 100%. It is designed with the end user in mind, incorporating integrated patient airway pressure and oxygen monitoring.

The Intersurgical CPAP Therapy range includes the InterFlow CPAP flow generator, CPAP breathing systems, Twin-port masks and C-PEEP valves.