Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) is a growing concern in modern hospital environments. Many recent studies document that it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia by performing basic patient oral hygiene.

Intersurgical has introduced an extended range of oral care products to target the fight against VAP. Our product portfolio now includes:

New OroCare Mini – the extra small toothbrush for targeted cleaning

The OroCare Mini has been designed with a small atraumatic brush head and soft bristles. It also features a long curved neck, which allows the user to reach all areas of the oropharynx. It is ideal for paediatrics and those with challenging oropharyngeal situations.

OroClean Complete – the complete all-in-one solution

OroClean Complete is a convenient pack designed for use on those requiring a little more attention, such as elderly patients, patients in longer term care or patients with specific requirements.

OroCare 2 – the fast and convenient solution

OroCare 2 has a product handle that acts as a reservoir for the separately available antibacterial mouthwash vials. The mouthwash is released by gently squeezing the handle whilst carefully brushing the patient’s teeth with the soft atraumatic bristles. Standard suction tubing may be attached to the end of the handle and can be controlled by a comfortably located thumb hole.

OroCath is a single use oropharyngeal catheter for oral suctioning during and in-between treatments. The flexible catheter extends all the way to the ET tube cuff and allows for oral hygiene in hard-to-reach places. OroCare tooth gel is available in single doses for use with any of our oral care toothbrush systems.

For more information on this new range, please visit our website.