Intersurgical® OroCare™ Day Kits

OroCare Day Kits

Oral hygiene is essential to prevent ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and Intersurgical’s new daily oral care programme can help to prevent it.

Intersurgical now offers 24-hour treatment kits in two variations, making it easy-to-follow a daily oral care programme.

The OroCare™ q8 kit is designed for one treatment every eight hours, while OroCare™ q4 is for a single treatment every four hours.

Both kits are easy to use, disposable solutions that can be used from the pack.

Also included in the kit is an Intersurgical OroCare™ Aspire suction toothbrush or an OroCare™ Sensitive Suction wand.

A liquid dispenser cup and a mouth moisturiser application sponge are also provided.

All day kits have a universal management hanger which is adaptable and can be used in various situations.

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