Intersurgical offers a complete range of products for use in an emergency and resuscitation situation.

From basic mouth-to-mask ventilation through to advanced airway management, the company provides a solution to any requirements.

The extensive product range consists of:

  • BVMs (bag-valve-mask) to avoid cross infection from blood, vomit and secretion
  • Pocket resuscitation mask: a convenient, ready-to-use, mouth-to-mask device that gives immediate respiratory support to the patient without compromising the safety of the rescuer
  • Mapleson C and paediatric bagging system used for induction resuscitation, patient transport and bagging, offering more ‘feel’ of the patient’s lung compliance than that provided by a BVM
  • One-piece Guedel airway eliminates the separate bite block for improved safety
  • i-gel supraglottic airway and i-gel O2 Resus Pack, contain everything needed to prepare, insert and secure the i-gel O2 quickly and efficiently
  • Solus and Supra range of single use laryngeal mask airways
  • InTube range of endotracheal tubes offers cuffed and uncuffed variations in a comprehensive range of sizes from paediatric to adult
  • InterGuide tracheal tube introducer bougie and InterForm intubation stylet
  • Laryngoscope blades allow the user to form the endotracheal tube into a suitable shape to ease insertion
  • Nitrous oxide and oxygen delivery systems
  • HyperVent bag is designed to facilitate the treatment of hyperventilation
  • Medium and high concentration oxygen masks
  • Intersurgical EcoLite range of oxygen and aerosol masks offer improved patient comfort and reduced environmental impact

Intersurgical will be at the European Congress on Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) from 3-7 October on stand 2.

The company will also be at European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Resuscitation 2015 from 29 – 31 October at stand D03.