Visit Hygiena at the AHCP Exhibition – 13-15 June

The SystemSURE Plus Handheld ATP luminometer from Hygiena International utilises award-winning technology, has Rapid Review Panel Level 1 Recommendation and has recently featured in the Showcase Hospitals trial programme. Hygiena will be attending the upcoming AHCP exhibition in Telford from 13-15 June where the SystemSURE ATP luminometer will be on display. As the global leader in the manufacture and supply of rapid hygiene tests our team will be able to answer any questions you may have about the technology and application of this handset.

The SystemSURE Plus is used by more than 200 hospitals to gain reliable, real time, objective measurement of cleaning. In the past four years, the North Tees and Hartlepool Trust has realised numerous benefits with the system in a variety of applications. A video case study can be seen on the Hygiena website in the healthcare section. This video outlines how the Trust uses the SystemSURE Plus and the thoughts of the team responsible for its operation.

The SystemSURE Plus detects invisible contamination left on surfaces and produces a numerical result in seconds to verify cleanliness. Hospitals can easily monitor the effectiveness of cleaning and quickly identify potential problem areas. The results support quality audits, demonstrate key performance indicators and show due diligence. It has several applications within ward hygiene, operating theatres, sterile services and catering facilities. The SystemSURE can also be used to raise staff awareness, e.g. as a training tool for hand hygiene.

Incorporating a keep clean easy-to-use operating system the Hygiena SystemSURE luminometer can be programmed with up to 20 different test plans that can hold 250 unique locations each. The handheld monitoring system includes two sets of software allowing tracking of information for auditing purposes and further data analysis with the capability to create various graphs and reports.

These key features were the reason that the handset has been adopted by NHS Scotland and recently by Solent Healthcare decontamination services (Portsmouth) who were impressed with the flexibility of the software helping to monitor ongoing cleanliness levels and ensure the best possible standards were consistently achieved.

To receive further information about the SystemSURE Plus please visit us at stand 30 the AHCP Exhibition. If you are unable to attend more information can be found on our website.

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