Micronova Launches New Flathead Mop - Hospital Management
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Micronova Launches New Flathead Mop

Micronova’s new flathead mop comprises the same materials as the company’s premium mop, but is much easier to build.

The mop can be used for controlled environments and is economical enough to compete with commercial mops that are often used in support or non-classified areas.

Used with the QPSL-14 or QPSL-18 adapter, the mop is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The swivel joint rotates 360° but can be locked in a 180° movement for more precise, controlled cleaning.

Available in two standard sizes, 14in and 18in, the PocketMop is available in a number of different fabrics.

PolySorb: A textured polyester – available with or without urethane foam interior

MegaTex: A non-woven, textured polyester blend with abrasive properties

NovaPoly: 100% Polyester – with urethane interior or microfiber interior

Microfiber: For dry and wet mopping and for glass and high-gloss surfaces. Available with or without urethane foam interior.

PocketMops are economical enough for single use but can be laundered and reused. Compatible with alcohol, strong disinfectants and steam sterilisation.

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