The Econo CurtainCleaner - Hospital Management
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The Econo CurtainCleaner

A simple design that allows the operator to clean vinyl strip curtains, both sides at the same time, in cleanrooms and support areas.

The Econo CurtainCleaner grips the curtain at its uppermost connection and slides down to apply, or squeegee the cleaning agent on both sides of the curtain.

With a selection of covers, the Econo CurtainCleaner can cope with cleaning challenges, including critical and sterile environments, cleanroom support and industrial applications.

The electropolished stainless steel adapter connects to any of the SSU series handles.

Covers are available in NovaPoly, PolySorb, microfiber and microfiber/mesh material with urethane foam interiors. All covers can be laundered and re-used and will hold up to alcohol, strong disinfectants and steam sterilisation.

Covers are available gamma irradiated.

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