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Cleaning Kits, Irradiated Tapes and Wipes

3431 West Lomita Boulevard,
CA 90505 5010,
United States of America

3431 West Lomita Boulevard,
CA 90505 5010,
United States of America

Micronova Manufacturing specializes in the design and manufacture of cleaning tools and detergents to simplify cleaning in compliance with USP 797.

Our range of products includes electro-polished stainless steel mop handles and frames, with corresponding lint-free heads, which can cope with small docking devices and airlocks. Micronova is recognized as having the broadest selection of mop heads and wiping tools for containment hoods, pharmaceutical production and aseptic processing operations.

Flexible surface cleaning for bio-safety cabinets, isolators, and laminar flow hoods

This innovative cleaning tool comes in three different sizes and configurations. The short handheld bendable tool can be attached to different fixed-length handles to allow varying reaches once inside the cabinet or isolator. The short handles disassemble for easy pass-through in small airlocks and docking devices.

Irradiated wipes for critical pharmacy applications

The Silsat irradiated polyester wipe is impregnated with a blend of medical grade silicon and IPA. The lubricated wipe removes the need to use spray lubricants in sensitive and controlled environments. Silsat wipes can be used to lubricate gaskets and seals in isolators, refrigerators and cabinets in aseptic processing areas; the impregnated wipe is a valuable tool for a range of cleaning and maintenance of mechanized equipment in aseptic processing areas.

Isolator kits and compounding room cleaning kits

Micronova kits make it much easier to select the appropriate cleaning tools for compounding rooms and isolators. The hood / isolator cleaning kit comprises a 12in electro-polished stainless steel handle to reach the back and ceiling of the hood, and a 10in T-Mop adaptor and a case of 12 polyester covers. The kit also includes a polyester PolyMitt to allow the operator / technicial more control and dexterity when cleaning inside tubes, cylinders and hanging racks within the hood or containment unit.

The larger kit for compounding rooms and modular cleanrooms has a slimline mop unit which can be used for disinfecting walls and floors, a low profile bucket with a simple wringing system, and a PolyMitt with extendable steel handle. The kits are also available irradiated and can be used for cleaning in general hospital areas and Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Touch-free dispenser eliminates cross comtamination in hospitals, operating rooms, and pharmacies

Micronova’s patented touch free dispenser delivers a pre-measured dose of soap, sanitizer or lotion into the palm of the hand. Triggered by an electronic eye, the unit does not need to be touched, therefore eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

The consistency and ease of use of the dispensing unit ensures hand sanitizing frequency amongst hospital staff and technicians. Suitable soaps for hospitals include NovaClenz ethyl alcohol sanitizer, BioClenz CHG scrub, Hy-G-Clenz anti-bacterial soap and Aquahol 70 / 30 IPA.

Dtergents and pre-saturated wipes

NovaHol detergent with alcohol has the cleaning, fast drying and bio-burden reducing qualities that make it suitable for general cleaning of vinyl curtains, softwalls, stainless steel cabinets and refrigerators, and containment units of all kinds. Available as a liquid or pre-saturated wipe, the NovaHol detergent is filtered to 0.1microns and comes in a ready to use formulation.

Irradiated tapes for colour-coding and test purposes

CR100 IR vinyl tapes on plastic core are highly conformable, and available in 12 vibrant colors. The different colors allow this irradiated tape to be used for glassware labelling, sealing and color-coding glassware and containers such as autoclave bags and wraps. CuffSeal strips allow technicians in radioactive and biohazard applications to effect a better seal between glove and garment.

Liners for Critical Containment, Transportation and Disposal

Micronova Bags and Liners can be used for a variety of containment functions in the cleanroom and aseptic areas. Material transfer and disinfectant containment typically fall to the BucketLiner group with the impermeable LDPE/Nylon Laminate construction.

Micronova Cleanroom Product Catalogue

In today's world, the call for controlled manufacturing is standard across a wide range of industries. Processing and cleaning controls continue to grow ever more stringent in biotechnology and pharmaceutical production - at the same time engineers in wafer production and nanotechnology search for methods to attain higher yields.

Micronova Bags and Liners for Use in Aseptic Areas

Bio/pharma, compounding pharmacies and other life science industries are continuously attempting to lessen material contamination. Therefore, The need for hardy, lightweight repositories proceeds to trend upward.

The Econo CurtainCleaner

A simple design that allows the operator to clean vinyl strip curtains, both sides at the same time, in cleanrooms and support areas.

MegaTex Fabric for Cleaning Textured Surfaces

Micronova Manufacturing introduces MegaTex, a nonwoven polyamide fabric with a textured thermo-bonded surface. Now incorporated into several of Micronova’s popular mop designs, this fabric is ideal for cleaning heavy soils, structured floors and other rough surfaces in a cleanroom or controlled e


3431 West Lomita Boulevard


CA 90505 5010


United States of America