Systems, the market and technology leader in private
virtual worlds, has announced the launch of the
company’s developer programs, which are designed to make it
easy for consultants, system integrators, value-added
resellers, independent software vendors (ISVs),
technology partners, education institutions and
business organizations to create, integrate and deploy
3D applications using Forterra’s On-Line
Interactive Virtual Environment (OLIVE™) software platform. In addition, Forterra has altered its price model to be less expensive for a production deployment with small
numbers of users.

“The 3D Internet is a disruptive force of change that is
transforming how businesses, the public sector and
educational institutions train, research, practise and
collaborate,” said Dave Rolston, Forterra’s CEO. “Our
developer programs and new pricing allow our
customers and partners to participate in this powerful market trend more easily through the creation,
delivery and marketing of 3D content, value-add plug-ins and complete applications based on the OLIVE
platform. The developer programs are designed to provide cost-effective means to develop and pilot a 3D
application, and to accelerate time-to-production. Our goal is to create a vibrant partner ecosystem and
marketplace of industry specific, serious virtual world solutions that benefit our customers, and provide
new revenue and profit streams for our partners.”

One of the early development partners working with Forterra is Vcom3D, a leader in providing multilingual,
culture-specific, virtual communicator characters for situation-based learning. “Forterra has been
an excellent partner, in particular providing support and guidance for the integration of our
Vcommunicator products, which extend the capabilities of the OLIVE platform,” indicated Carol Wideman,
Vcom3D CEO. “Customers will benefit from access to our authoring tools and international library of
cultural specific gestures for creating and easily modifying compelling, realistic training scenarios.
OLIVE’s modular architecture enables us to support customer requirements for massively multiplayer
training used to practise non-kinetic operations.”

The Forterra developer programs are structured to deliver higher levels of support services and benefits
based on varying levels of investment and relationship with Forterra. Tools and resources available
through the developer programs include: education, developer services, technical support, hosting,
account management and marketing. Forterra has invested heavily in support, training and
documentation services to provide the assistance needed for its customers and partners to achieve
success by tapping the power of the 3D Internet.

Forterra offers three different developer programs to provide the means to get trained, develop, test,
demo, prototype and pilot a 3D application with stake-holders before a production deployment. All three of
Forterra’s developer programs (Basic, Standard and Premium) include a non-production developer
license of OLIVE that works over a LAN and WAN, and the Internet. A variety of 3D content from existing
content packs is included. There is an option for Forterra to host the development server.


Basic is the entry level developer program targeting corporations pursuing a proof of concept,
startups with minimal budget, higher education research groups, or small developers and VARs.
This affordable program is designed to provide the basic support assistance to help an
organization reach its design goals within six months before pursuing a production license of


Standard is Forterra’s main developer program for corporations, value-added resellers, system
integrators and education organizations. This program provides core training, success guidance
and developer services to help an organization reach its design goals within six months before
pursuing a production license of OLIVE.


Premium is the top-of-the-line developer program targeting global system integrators creating 3D
OLIVE applications as an on-going business practice. This program provides the highest level of
developer assistance throughout the year. Account management services are bundled with this
program to ensure Forterra is aligned with and proactively assisting integrators to execute
business goals as a trusted business partner.

For additional information on these developer programs, visit Forterra’s website.