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Linet Group SE is a leading global supplier of hospital beds for both standard and intensive medical care.

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Linet hospital bed

Linet Group SE is a leading global supplier of hospital beds for both standard and intensive medical care. The company’s success is primarily based on innovations that significantly help to improve the quality of healthcare and nursing-care in more than 100 countries worldwide, but much of its success is also due to close cooperation between Linet and healthcare professionals.

Linet hospital beds provide great assistance to nurses and caregivers, saving them time and energy. Equally, they substantially increase patient quality of life and independence. Thus, each Linet product delivers an original solution enabling the company to continue in its endeavour to bring comfort on both sides.

Intensive-care beds

Linet intensive-care beds – the Multicare and Eleganza 3XC – are equipped with several unique features and functions. They aid in the prevention of pulmonary complications in long-term immobile patients, and facilitate many therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. These intensive-care hospital beds also ease physically-demanding procedures, thereby saving time and reducing caregiver workload.

All functions are managed and controlled by an electronic system rounding out the design of the intelligent, critical and intensive-care bed of the future. It helps to prevent the most serious risks of intensive care: VAP, decubitus and patient falls. The unique Linet columnar construction and leading-edge materials ensure fast and effective cleaning, ease of maintenance and lasting durability.

Universal hospital beds

Positionable hospital beds have a positive effect on patient treatment and convalescence and make the work of acute-care staff more effective and easier with unique features and functions.

Linet universal hospital beds actively support treatment and nursing-care procedures and contribute to a smooth patient recovery free of complications. Models include the Eleganza 3, Eleganza Smart, Latera Acute and Latera Thema.

Latera Acute and Latera Thema are equipped with 15° dual-directional lateral tilt; this makes them invaluable instruments in the hospitalisation of immobile patients, especially in non-acute hospital settings. Lateral tilt assists caregivers in performing routine nursing duties with minimum physical effort.

Pressure ulcer prevention mattresses

Linet views the prevention of pressure ulcers as an inseparable component of patient care, and the company delivers several solutions. First and foremost, patients with a low risk of pressure ulcer development benefit from the passive mattress systems Efecta, Prema, Clinicare, and Ergomatt.

In the case of long-term hospitalisation, during which the risk of pressure ulcers is much higher, healthcare specialists take advantage of active systems. Linet has achieved its greatest successes in this segment with its systems Virtuoso and Precioso.

Virtuoso uses three-cell technology to mimic the method through which the body usually prevents pressure damage by providing frequent and complete elimination of pressure. The Virtuoso is a 24hr care pressure-elimination system that provides prevention and helps to heal all grades of pressure ulcers irrespective of mobility. The parameters introduced on the system were carefully chosen based on results from extensive research and numerous clinical studies.

Virtuoso can be accompanied by a therapeutic cushion which, together with the mattress, delivers round-the-clock care. Patients are safeguarded even when sitting in a chair during meals or visits.

Precioso provides cost-effective 24hr alternating pressure care in the form of an overlay or mattress replacement system. It is suitable for patients with compromised mobility and is very effective in the healing and prevention of all grades of pressure ulcers.

As in the case of Virtuoso, Precioso can be accompanied by a therapeutic cushion offering the same benefits.

Alongside Virtuoso and Precioso, Linet offers other active systems: ProDerm 1, ProDerm 1 Plus, ProDerm 2, Precioso LAL, Symbioso and SimCair.

Support and service for Linet hospital products

With Linet products, the customer receives not only first-class quality, but also access to an entire line of supporting services. Thanks to such services, the customer can rest assured that the investment will continue in the long term to support the quality of healthcare provided, the employee work environment, and the overall positive impression on the part of the patient.

Linet provides a wide range of services:

  • Bed capacity analysis; help with optimal configuration of beds; post-sales analyses; expert portal for monitoring of falls
  • Room design – 3D room visualisation; help in final-tuning of the colour concept
  • Optimal funding solution – credit period; fixed price guarantee; warranty conditions; renting
  • Installation and training
  • Long-term training for nurses
  • Service and maintenance

21 Services by LINET

Services begin long before the sale of the bed fund processing analysis, proposal optimal financing or renting, training and long-term education and training of nurses and be over with individual warranties, fast service and delivery of original spare parts.

Spanish Manufacturer Withdraws Beds Deemed too Similar to Linet Models

Linet has won a legal dispute with Spanish bed manufacturer, Medical Iberica - Medisa. The court case, lasting almost three years, concerned a breach of industrial design for the Linet Eleganza Smart bed, which the Spanish company was accused of copying without authorisation in two of its models.

LINET Introduces New ICU Bed

LINET, a global leader in hospital beds and patient room equipment, has officially introduced the Multicare LE bed at the AACN National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition.

Simulation of Clinical Skills Improves Effectiveness of Healthcare Workers’ Education

The international project Mobility, the aim of which is an innovation in the method of lifelong education of nurses, received a large helping of inspiration when the most recent meeting of the international working group focussing on the practical teaching of clinical skills was held in the unique training centre of Sweden's Karolinksa University Hospital.

LINET at ESICM LIVES 2012 in Lisbon

From 13 to 17 October, LINET Group will be partaking in the prestigious congress European Society of Intensive Care Medicine LIVES 2012 in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.