LINET Successfully Completes Integrated Management System Audit and Obtains Certification from TÜV Süd

In the month of July, LINET obtained certification for compliance with standards ISO: 9001 (management system), ISO: 13485 (management system for medical devices), and ISO: 14001 (the environment). This time the certification was awarded by the world-renown certification authority TÜV Süd Hannover on the basis of the successful completion of an audit of the integrated management system carried out in June.

"For our customers, the successfully completed audit and certification from TÜV Süd represent an important statement to the quality of LINET and its products. This is a step which will project positively onto the sales of our products and their valuation in the eyes of our customers. Another activity that we are pursuing in support of increasing sales and simplifying registration processes in certain countries is the obtainment of product certificates from the same company," explains LINET Quality Manager Jakub Polášek.

As a result of the creation of the holding LINET Group SE, a need arose to harmonise the certification of the quality system within our company. For this reason, TÜV Süd Hannover was chosen, a company respected and recognised on a global level as a certification authority, and one which conducts management system certification and, primarily, certification of products in the area of medical devices and technology.



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