SensoryEdge is pleased to announce that it has added the new line of Disney wallpaper and wallborders manufactured by Roommates Peel & Stick Wall Decor to its product range.

Wall decals and wallpaper are a popular alternative to painting and within a few hours you can create a fun and bright new look to waiting areas. Changing designs to match the seasons or your customers’ interests is now easier than ever. Consumers can choose from Mickey, princesses, fairies, bold prints and fabulous designs inspired by Disney, including wizards of Waverly Place. With over 60 wallpaper and 30 matching wallborder designs and themes to choose from, businesses that cater to children will be sure to find a pattern that matches their customers.

“The thought of hanging wallpaper can be scary for most people, but Roommates has made it so easy. With a little practice, you’ll feel like a pro,” said Alycia Shapiro of SensoryEdge. “It takes less time and Roommates has made applying the wallpaper simple. After a little wall prep, you simply dip each prepasted section into a bit of warm water, and then bring it to the wall to apply. The water activates the paste, so there’s no fuss and no mess.”

Roommates is a division of York Wallcoverings, a company that specializes in wall décor. Although wallpaper has a reputation for often being difficult, a tastefully decorated room or accent wall can lower the stress of patients and can often be the perfect complement to your waiting area. The Disney license is an excellent start for Roommates and SensoryEdge looks forward to adding new designs in the future.

SensoryEdge is dedicated to providing great products for kids at competitive prices. Among its other range of commercial quality products you will find anything from play cubes, wall toys and wall décor to activity tables and furniture for hospital waiting rooms and offices. All products can be bought online and shipped directly. For more information, please refer back to the SensoryEdge company profile using the link below.