Alycia Shapiro, vice president of SensoryEdge, has announced the availability of its 2011 collection of classroom rugs for schools, daycares, Sunday schools and waiting rooms.

“These commercial quality rugs by Carpets for Kids and Joy Carpets provide a soft place for play and story time that also provides them with opportunities to learn,” said Shapiro.

It’s never too early for schools to begin planning for autumn classroom equipment and supplies. SensoryEdge has assembled an extensive array of rugs and carpets to accommodate a wide range of space requirements. Rugs and carpets are offered in square, rectangle, circle and oval shapes for teaching letters, numbers, nature and geography.

Today’s teachers are often responsible for instructing students from a variety of cultures and SensoryEdge offers bilingual alphabet and literacy rugs. The carpets feature pictures of common items with both English and Spanish names to promote literacy and reinforce the English alphabet. Rugs that feature phonics and shapes are also an option.

For older children, rugs and carpets are available that teach the basics of a variety of subjects, including the solar system, world geography, individual countries and culture, along with music and world flags. They provide an entertaining way for youngsters to learn while having fun.

A line of rugs specially developed for Sunday schools feature the Ten Commandments, Noah’s ark and a guardian angel. A wide range of rugs with church related concepts can be found, including creation, fishermen of faith and popular Bible stories. Solid color and printed rugs for all occasions are also available.

Fun rugs featuring butterflies, sailing and trains allow children to use their imagination. Youngsters can follow their favorite nursery rhymes with the firm’s specially designed rugs, or explore undersea life and dinosaurs. The rugs allow children to visit the farm or circus, play games such as musical chairs and frolic with mythical animals.

The rugs and carpets offered at Sensory Edge provide soft, safe play areas for children of all ages. Rugs have bright, brilliant colors and pictures to keep youngsters’ attention, while providing an environment that promotes learning and fun. Carpets and rugs are affordably priced, allowing schools, daycares, churches and offices to provide quality play areas that encourage children’s imaginations to soar.