A. Imaging Solutions has a 2004 Siemens Biograph Duo Pet / CT Mobile, housed in a 2004 AKSV, for sale. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to put an offer in on the system.

Equipment listing:

  • Support knee leg
  • Support headrest
  • Support head-arm
  • Injection chair
  • Support coronal supine head holder
  • CT phantom
  • Leonardo workstation
  • Dell Laptop Insprion 2200
  • Monitor flat panel navigator
  • Sales agreement (cont’d)
  • Sales agreement (cont’d)
  • Cardiac viability studies using F18 FDG
  • Laser codonics horizon

Hot lab equipment:

  • Capintec CRC-15W with CRC 15R dose calibrator, with Caprac wipe test
  • counter
  • Graymont high-energy L-block with 2in lead shielding and 8in x 8in
  • x 4in lead glass
  • Graymont high-energy dose calibrator chamber shield
  • Graymont 1.5in lead auxiliary shield for Caprac
  • Graymont 1in lead lockable PET sharps
  • Container shield

The system is available now and is located in AL, US.